Close up of a security camera outside

Small businesses usually don’t include the problem of security in their immediate to-do lists. Perhaps because young entrepreneurs think that because they are still a small operation, they will not be targeted. However, this is not always true and safety measures should be taken into consideration. Smaller businesses are becoming more attractive targets because larger companies have their security rammed up. Also, security attacks can come from within a company, so threats are not limited only to attacks from the outside.

What can you do in order to protect your company from disastrous attacks?

Always Be Alert

Opening and closing hours are the periods when you need to be conscious about your surroundings the most. Always be vigilant and alert, and pay extra attention both to those outside and inside the company. It is during these times that people usually try to take advantage of any distractions in order to make a security bust.

Limit Access and Take Care of Your Data

Businesses should secure all of their information before any breach in security happens. The information you have about your business, as well as the information you get from your customers and associates should be well secured and protected, because mistakes may cost you time and money. What precautions should you take in order to prevent sensitive data leakage? Provide your employees with their own usernames to use when logging on to the company network and remind them not to share their passwords. Also, limit your employees’ internet access only to actions and websites they need in order to perform their tasks.

Use Firewalls

Firewalls should be activated on all computers connected to your business network. Their purpose is to disallow communication with other networks and contain communication within your company. Limiting unauthorized access will most certainly increase the security of your business.

Proper Lighting

In order to improve security for both the employees and the business, there should be bright lighting installed on all the doors and parking lots. Security guards, or the police, should be able to see the business area clearly, so make sure it is visible from the street. Businesses and offices not visible from the street are the ones that burglars often target.

Conduct Audits

Reduce security risks by performing audits of all the data and information stored in your employees’ computers or profiles. Besides the softcopies, do audits on the hardcopies of their files stored in their drawers. Set up a schedule for shredding all of the paper documents with business or client information. This protects your customers’ private information, as well as your company from liability.

Security Company Help

Hire a security company to install quality security monitoring in your business premises. Don’t consider this a waste of funds because it could pay for itself the first time it gets triggered (and is actually quite affordable). Choose an affordable security company you can be comfortable with, since there are a lot of them ready to provide security to your company.

Emergency Plans

Develop emergency plans so to be prepared for situations such as theft, floods, fire and such. Have the necessary documents outlining steps to follow in case of any eventualities of this kind. Performing emergency drills regularly is usually required by insurance agencies. Employees should familiarize themselves with evacuation plans, which should be displayed in areas where they will see them often. Include important telephone numbers for the emergency services and the police department.

Don’t let things happen just because you weren’t prepared. Even thought it might seem daunting, planning security measures from the beginning can save your business. Thus, being vigilant is the best way to protect your business. If you are unable to manage it by yourself, consult a professional for help.