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If You Want To Search Best Low Investment Food Franchise In India? Don’t Worry, We Help To Find Best Franchise Business

friends? So let’s tell you the top 10 best Franchises in India today, By the way, today there are many big food Franchises in India, which provide Franchise services. Every company has its own different concept, Everyone has different food of variety, Are you also doing a good Franchise search? So let’s know which Franchise they are, whose Franchise we can take income of millions of rupees a month.

Why Franhise Business Is So Fast Income Generate Business|Benefits To Buy Low Investment Franchise

Franchise business is considered very easy to Franchise business. If you are thinking of starting a new business, then Franchise business can be a good option for you. Because the Franchise owner keeps promoting Already, due to which your business starts selling from 1st day. And you start doing a good income job. If you start a business by yourself, then it takes you years. During which your sales are down. Most businesses close in the 1st year itself. So due to all these reasons many people go to the loss of millions. If you also want to do business, take a Franchise now and start your own business.

So let’s know the top 10 business franchises in India and International

1)     Subway Franchise

2)     Mast Banarasi Paan Franchise

3)     Pizza Hut Franchise

4)     Handi Chai Franchise

5)     Mcdonld Franchise

6)     Family Chaat Franchise

7)     KFC Franchise

8)     Sattu Sharbat Franchise

9)     Dunkin Franchise

10)   Home Food Franchise

1.     Subway Franchise

If you want to open a subway Franchise in India, then you have to invest from 50 lakh to 65 lakh rupees. Apart from this, you will also have to enter into an agreement with the subway company, under which you will be charged 6 lakh rupees as a Franchise fee. The Subway Franchise was started at the age of 17 by Fried Deluca in 1965. Today they are running 400+ in all over India. Today the subway Franchise has opened across the world. Subway is a very old brand that provides variety of sandwiches for many years. And today Subway has become such a big brand that people are earning millions every month by taking its Franchise. Subway can be a good option to start a new business

Investment :- 50-60Lakh

2.     Mast Banarasi Paan | Best  Franchise In India

Mast banarasi paan is big Paan Franchise Brands In India, these serve 100+Flavour Paan In Our Franchise partner and consumer mast banarasi paan is best Low Investment Franchise provider in india and other if you find top Lowest Franchise Opportunities in india. so this is a very good option to start Franchise Business. Today the 200+ Pan Franchise of Mast Banarasi Paan is running in India. And apart from this 13+ Franchise Inn is running in Nepal. And apart from this, they also have 1 Franchise in London. If you are searching for a very cheap business Franchise, you cannot get better business opportunities from this. Because this year there is a lot of loss to all business, that is why Mast Banarasi Pan is providing Pan Franchise to people in very less investment.

Minimum investment this year  :- 2.5-4.00 lakh

Required :- only space 100-150 squre feet

3.     Pizza Hut Franchise

Pizza Hut Franchise is a pizza provider company started in 1958 Unid States. Dan & Frank started this company And today their 18000+ Franchise outlets are running all over the world. Pizza Hut Franchise costs around Rs 2 to 3 crores today. In which you need space from 1000 square feet to 1500 squre ft. Apart from this, Pizza Hut charges you 6% of your profit. If you live in Metro City, Pizza Hut Franchise opportunities may be a good option for you. But you have to invest 2-3 crores to start its Franchise. Monthly rent to invest is 60-70k rupees.

Minimum Investment :- 2-3 crore

Space :- 1000-1500 squre feet

4.     Handi Chai Franchise

Handi chai is one of the best chai Franchise provider based in ghazibad, india. handi chai is great unique concept serve types of chai. Handi tea started in Ghaziabad in 2018 and Today it is offering handi tea to people at 100+ outlets in India. And with this Franchise you can earn around 1-1.5 lakh rupees monthly. Because the raw material is low price in tea, so you will be able to cover your investment quickly with this Franchise. If you are thinking of starting a tea Franchise, Handi chai is right for you. Because it provides you Franchise for 1.5-2.5 lakhs. In which your monthly sale becomes comfortable near 200,000.

Minimum investment :- 1.5-2.5 lakh

Space :- 100-150 squre feet

5.     McDonald Franchise

McDonald’s was founded in 1940 and was founded by Richard and Maurice Macdonald. At the same time, in the year 1955, Ray Krak joined the company as a Franchise agent, started buying the chain from the McDonald brothers and became its owner. The list of products sold by McDonald’s includes items such as vegetarian burgers, chicken burgers, french fries, spout drings, milk shake, salads, desserts, coffee. At the same time, French fries sold by them are specially liked. McDonald’s branches are found in about 119 countries. McDonald’s currently has about 36,900 outlets worldwide and not only that, McDonald’s provides employment to more than one million people. To take a McDonald’s Franchise, you need 6 to 8 crores. Out of which the Franchise fee is 30 lakh rupees. On the other hand, if you do not have that much money, then you can take a loan from a bank.

Investment  :- 6-8crore

Space :- 4000 squre feet

6.     Family Chaat Franchise

Family chaat Franchise Company Provides chaat, shake waffles,pizza in all over india. today 150+ running outlets in india. (Family Chaat Franchise) Provide Very attractive types of paan, chaat, shake, soda waffles. this time special discount offer in Family Chaat Franchise. Current time 150+ running outlets in india and international. 15+ outlets running in Nepal. If you want to start family chaat Franchise call to +91 9810272631.

Minimum investment :- 1.5-2.5 lakh

Space  :- 100-150 squre feet

7.     KFC Franchise

(KFC) Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchise is world best Franchise services provider in all over world. Currrent time KFC 22621 outlets open in all over world. You may have to invest 8 crores to 10 crores to open the Franchise of KFC. If you want to earn from Rs. 50 Lakhs to Rs. 1 Crore, then KFC can be a good Franchise Opportunity.

Investment :- 8 crore

Space :- 4000 Squre Feet

8.     Sattu Sharbat Franchise

Sattu sharbat is one of the best sattu sharbat and sattu Varieties serve company. These company provides sattu sharbat Franchise in india. these company provides many flavours of sattu sharbat and liiti chikha and other. if you are interested these types Food Franchise. So visit :-, Franchise Investment :- 1-2.5 lakh, space required :- 100-150 squre feet.

9.     Dunkin Franchise

Dunkin Franchise Business Startup is 1954 is canton Massachusetts, Dunkin Franchise restaurant Sell’ dunkin coffee, Donuts, bagels, muffins, sandwiches as well food item and other. if you want to start dunkin Franchise restaurant so invest :- 1.5 crore. Current time dunkin 12960 Franchise running in all over world.

Franchise Fee :- 1.5 crore

Space : – 2000-4000 Squre Feet

10.   Home Food Franchise is one of the best mothers hand food provider in india and international. this is a unique taste of mothers hand food. home food provide very Low Investment Franchise Opportunities in all over india. they serve lots Varieties of home food.

Investment :- 1.5-7 lakh

Space :- 100-500 squre feet