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Residual income means earning through sitting from home or work from home. It is very difficult to live comfortably in a single income.  In order to mobilize saving, human beings work hard and earn money to fulfil their basic needs like food, dress and house and save the amount which left after all expenditure.

It is very clear that life is a struggle, impossible to meet the basic needs, as in this dynamic world everything is changing on dynamic process, due to vast population increasing people are facing trouble in the every station of their professional fields. So income or earning can be done according to their individuals experience and thoroughly research in particular field or domains.

For example people like doctors, engineers, business man and lawyers; They have not such idea due to strong hold in earning potential and backgrounds.  Normal people can concentrate for a flexible earning in less time according to the bellow information.

Article writing

As we have lucky enough for internet and getting all type of information through online. It brings us a golden opportunity to get the things done in the every station of our life. Article writing or writing through online is one of them. Professional writing, blogging and others writing works through online are valuable area of business where people can earn money.

Affiliate marketing

As we know social media is playing a vital role in every business, People can use social media in order to promote their business or products in general marketing also. People can earn good amount of money if proper marketing is done through online because every business depends on social media for goods, sales or services. So, One thing people like to note have a good blog or website and start working on it and advertise your products or business there in order to fulfil your goal. Acceding to traffic or visitors on subject blog or site, people can generate leads through the blogs through affiliate marketing and definitely people can expect some good amount of money.

Stock Market Investment

People can buy shares of reputed successful company or investment can be done on Forex market. But for this, an initial capital is required to start this business of dollar 500 minimum.  There is no special skill is required for this business but you need to know how stock market works and accordingly you need to  be set your mind up to start the  work for necessary action on performance of each and every share on particular reaching point.

Anyway, it is not a risk free business. You need to alert like line of control with a thorough research regarding the company which you set your mind for investment otherwise people may face problem in subject business.