Offering Online Services

It is important that you maintain communications with your customers and one way to do this is by offering your product sampling staff services online during the COVID-19 crisis.

During these uncertain times, there are plenty of things that you can still do as a business online and our product sampling staff are very much there to help and guide you along the way.

First things first, update your website!

The very first thing that you can do to show that you are keeping abreast of the change is to update your website. You must make it clear on the home page and throughout that you are very much in business and very much contactable either directly via the website, via email or via an online chat facility.

People not only want this, but they have now grown to expect it. Not having this facility will not only make your business look out of touch, but it will also lose out to the competition. In this time of self-isolation, having an online way of doing business is absolutely critical.

Make sure that your website is clear and concise

During times of stress, people are far less inclined to absorb complex information. Customers need a clear and streamlined way of getting to where they need to be quickly and clearly. Your website needs to be clutter-free, clearly sign-posted, and easy to use. When selling products, make it really simple to push any free samples.

Make shopping an interactive experience for your customers

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people need to feel more connected. Being isolated at home means that they need to feel part of something bigger. Offering an online chat service is essential and can easily be plugged into your existing website. Don’t make the mistake of using an automated bot that will most likely repel your customers! The human touch is key right now.

Make sure that the homepage of your website has a ‘contact us’ link or button and clearly displays your phone number, email address and online chat option.

Don’t have countless pop-ups, this will only frustrate and annoy your visitors.

Offer your free samples online

During the coronavirus pandemic, people need to feel more connected. Being isolated at home means that it’s easy to feel disconnected from the world. Rather than saving your free samples for your next exhibition, offer them on the front page of your website. Not only will this make your customers feel appreciated and remembered, but it will also ensure that they return.

Free samples can be delivered safely in cardboard during this time, include simple instructions on how to order online. Make it a pleasant and heart-warming experience. Products that pamper and make people feel special will be very much appreciated. Keep the samples lightweight, environmentally friendly and make sure that the gift includes very simple instructions with reward points, should the customer wish to purchase.