Even if the internet is a vast means of getting information, business cards in this digital age have still significant and useful way because it is always accessible, it adds legitimacy and helps marketing and promotion.  That is why you still need to bother yourself to produce business cards for your company because it is also one of the dental business signs that your clinic must possess.

Moreover, picking up a preference of having a business card, the concept that it should display attracts people upon seeing it.  So aside from showing creativity in it, this little-personalized piece of marketing holds an impressive amount of potential for getting the attention of target customers.  Many business companies are willing to spend plenty of money to assure that their cards make a lasting impression.

If you decided to invest in making business cards, consider now the design and the concept that you wanted to reveal to make your card marketable and retainable.  Thus, there are smart concepts that will help you decide for your dental business card design and concept.

X-ray Film Business Card

This design is something different because the card does not use an ordinary paper for printing but an x-ray film itself.  Aside from the necessary information that is indicated in the business card, the design on the four corners the card will be the teeth inside the mouth when x-rayed.
Aside from its creativity, it will surely leave an impact on the client because of its uniqueness.

A demonstration of a cured tooth

This design takes effort because the cured tooth will be displayed if the business card will be pulled out from its mini envelope which has a tooth-cut in its front.

The design of the business card should have a touch of black print which could be an icon of a telephone or cell phone.  Make sure that if it is inserted in the mini envelope, the tooth will look like a decayed tooth.


So when you pull the business card out from its mini envelope, a cured tooth will be displayed.

A Corner Bitten Off Business Card

This design will display the necessary information still in the front view.  What makes it different is that: the corner of the has bitten off. Thus, it is within your discretion if you wanted to use smaller bites.  However, it would be better if it uses bigger bites on the corner.

Although this might be very simple, it is one way of showing that the business is intended for dental clinic services.

Rectangular-cut USB Business cards with a dental-related sign

Since it cannot be out of the people’s pocket to use soft copies of files, there are higher chances of using USBs, making this a business card is very strategic.  It is because if other people borrow the USB, they would have higher chances of reading what is printed in the rectangular shape.

Do not forget that the content of the business card design is related to your clinic’s purpose and goals.  However, the showmanship is displayed through USB.

A look-liked Money Business Card

The idea of making this as your business card is the point that because of its looks, even if people would throw it away or leave it in a table, people would be picking it up because they thought it is money.

By doing such, the person who saw it will probably read the information indicated in the business card that your dental clinic has.

Glow in the Dark Business Card

Next in the list is a glow in the dark business card wherein it will display at night the portion in which the information is written.   This concept is great since people might be having a hard time seeing the data of a paper at night or on the dim light.

Of course, the design which you might include in the card is relevant to the dental clinic services you have.

Calendar Business Card

It is a business card wherein people who could receive this will have a hard time throwing it away because it is useful.

In this concept of a business card, the front may be displaying the necessary information of your dental clinic together with a background of a tooth alone or your business logo.  Moreover, at the back of it is the calendar for the whole year with a knowledge of your dental clinic’s location or its facade.


Upon picking the concept, you would like to have for your business card, make sure that it will fit still with the endeavors that your clinic has so that it will always be interconnected and parallel.  Do not deviate to the theme that your business image has projected.  You still need to think and take time in choosing your concept.

The moment you have chosen the concept which you would like to apply in your business card design, do not forget to add the necessary information: name of the dental clinic, Doctor’s name, address of the clinic, phone number, email address, web address, hours and finance options, and most especially the logo of the dental clinic.

The given suggested concepts and designs are for boosting the tendency of making clients keep the business cards you have.  Thus, at the same time, maintaining the right image that the dental clinic portrays.