There are many benefits of working from home, which include avoiding time wastage in traffic jams, saving on fare or fuel to get to the workplace, having flexible work hours, and not having to put up with annoying colleagues. Also, you could work from home on a part-time basis while still holding onto your 9-5 job, giving you a fallback plan in case you lose the job or need more money. Isn’t it also so exciting to work in your comfy pants and t-shirt, and to get paid for it?Here are some jobs you can do from home, whether you want to quit your 9-5 or make some extra money to supplement your main income:

Tax returns preparation
Many individuals and businesses lack the requisite skills to ensure that their numbers are correct at the end of the year. If you have the expertise to do tax returns, you can work for time-strapped businesses or individuals, or even for those who may not find it economical to engage a tax expert on a full-time basis. In preparing tax returns, you will help businesses be compliant and avoid incidents that may plunge them into tricky situations, resulting in hefty fines for non-compliance. Such incidents may make a business go into financial chaos and have cash flow issues, thus defaulting on its payments to creditors and thereby damaging its credit score. In the case of a business or individual with a bad score, they can work with experts to help them boost their score.

Book keeping
If you are a trained accountant, you can consider doing freelance bookkeeping from your house. But you cannot be a Certified Public Accountant if you are to become a freelance bookkeeper. With basic bookkeeping skills offered by most colleges, you are good to go. This job is vital for small businesses that may not be able to afford to hire a full-time bookkeeper, or their scale of work does not require a full-time bookkeeper. You can have a full-time bookkeeping engagement while working for several small clients.

Online coaching
You could be well skilled at something and have a lot of passion for it, too, like writing. You can turn that into a side job by offering your services one-on-one, or you can even do it as your main job. You need to develop a good system to put your skills and experience into delivering top-notch training. You can also build a community around the service you are offering and help the members to trust and help each other.

Do you have a thing with words to the point that you can come up with convincing copies for advertising and marketing agencies? Well, then you can use your talent and skills to make some money by writing captivating copies from the comfort of your home.

Social media management
Instead of spending so much time online and earning nothing, you can help start-ups and other business or organizations as well as individuals who want to build their online presence on various social platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. You need to establish your own social following and build a brand around yourself.