If you are going for the best financial endeavor and be your own boss then it is for sure that you would get the best of it. In US this is the most important part.

Are you preparing to launch your e-commerce? So welcome to this article where we will give you some valuable tips to better begin this new adventure. In addition to following current trends , discover 8 tips for starting your business successfully!

  1. Study the competition

Evaluating your competitors will be a first step in finding out how to stand out and tackle the growth of your e-commerce. Faced with 157,300 French merchant sites, you must analyze your strengths and weaknesses, to implement a different and effective strategy. This is your best chance to succeed!

  1. Choose the e-commerce solution adapted to your needs

The platforms to create your online store are not lacking! Study all the tools at your disposal, their advantages and disadvantages, to select the one that best suits your needs and your skills in web development. If you opt for an e-commerce CMS, answer our quiz to discover which is the most adapted to your needs. You can actually be your own boss and come up with the options.

  1. Organize your SEO and marketing strategy

From the beginning, you must find the line of communication adapted to your activity. Depending on your target and the products sold, you must think about an editorial line that incorporates notions of SEO and a commercial aspect.

The definition of your editorial strategy begins with an analysis of the keywords used by your consumers. You have to find the terms that they will enter search engines, to find targeted phrases that will bring qualified traffic to your e-commerce. Also think of long-tail keywords (more than 3 words) because they are often less competitive and drain visitors of higher quality.

When you have defined the terms on which you want to position your store, you must write the pages and the product sheets of your e-commerce. Remember to embed keywords in strategic places like headlines, subtitles, images, etc. Finally, the selected expressions should also be found in the different contents of your blog. It is also the latter that will bring you the most traffic and help you boost your visibility in search engines.

  1. Develop your community

Why wait until your e-commerce is online to communicate on social networks? The sooner you ensure the communication of your project, the faster you will make the turnover. Start now to create profiles on social networks and publish articles on collaborative blogs to publicize your name and future products. When you open your merchant site, you will have already acquired some consumers.

  1. Create a blog to talk about your project

This will help you to grow your community, but also to get your site up in the search engine results. Indeed, the blog will influence your SEO and, at the time of the official opening of your online store, you will already be positioned on strategic keywords.

  1. Collect email addresses

Prepare a prospecting file already by offering your readers the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter. To ensure the success of your official opening, you can send all your loyal subscribers an email announcing the launch of the site and, why not, give a discount code to thank them for their support during the implementation of your project.

  1. Check the 50 points of our checklist

In another article, we proposed 50 points to check before opening your e-commerce to users. This is the moment to consult this super checklist!

  1. Find a provider for creating your e-commerce

To be certain that your merchant site is operational and you quickly earn profits, entrust its realization to a specialist. On Encoder, you will find many ecommerce developers willing to realize the shop of your dreams. Post your ad quickly with the outline of your specifications and find the ideal freelance!

Tips to make your point of sale more attractive thanks to its showcase

Your showcase is the image of your business. First contact with customers, she plays a key role in the purchase process. Today, Message in a Window has decided to give you its pro tips to attract customers and trigger the act of purchase.

Build your universe

The environment in which we are at the time of purchase influences us. It is therefore important to create your own universe through the theatricality of the point of sale.

But what does it really consist of? The theatricality of the point of sale is a particular and even spectacular staging of the store’s product offering. The objectives are simple: trigger the act of purchase and bring and return the customer in your business. Creating a captive atmosphere is essential! For that it is important to look after the attractiveness of your store, and that says attractiveness, says showcase!

Treat the presentation of your showcase

Did you know, your storefront generates between 8,000 and 80,000 views a day depending on your location. When you know that the peek of a passerby lasts only a few seconds it is imperative to look after his shop window to capture the prospect’s attention and attract him to your business. At first glance, your future customers must be able to identify your offer , understand how it is different and why they should enter your store.

Less Is More: Simplicity & Minimalism

Too many choices kill the choice. Do not reveal all your weapons! There is no need to display all of your store in full view. If you overload your window, you smother and confuse the message you want to communicate to the passer-by. The ideal is to favor only one to five different products and bet on a simple and uncluttered showcase, while placing your products at eye level.


With these 8 tips, you know how to approach your e-commerce project in broad outline. After finding a web partner to help you in this incredible adventure, you can start communicating about your future baby and then launch your business successfully!