Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. It takes more than a business degree or dream to become one. Entrepreneurial mind is more than just starting a venture or leading a team. It’s a mindset where a person identifies opportunities, plans and acts up on the idea.

Entrepreneurial mindset can be applied to various settings either in personal life, organization or any ventures. Having the qualities of a mind of an entrepreneur is beneficial and essential for organizations and individuals as well.

Not everyone is cut out for entrepreneurial role. So, what does it take to have an entrepreneurial mind? Here are some of the qualities that a person with a mind of entrepreneur posses:

You Always had It

Great entrepreneurs often start early. The signs may be subtle but chances are there that you had developed it very early in life. Did you make a plan to start a venture with your friends when you were kid? Did you make money with your little but brilliant ideas when you were in school.  Did you sell cookies faster than any kid? These are signs that surely indicate that you had and have an entrepreneur mind.

You spot the opportunity when you see one
One of the remarkable qualities of an entrepreneur is that they are quick to spot an opportunity. When you are passionate about something, you identify the opportunity when you see them. When it comes to businesses, entrepreneurs need to have keen eye and ears. They need to pick up on the subtle hints and see the latest trends before the competition does.  Some ideas may look promising but they may not be so great. As an entrepreneur it is your job to find opportunities that will be a big hit in the future.

You Love Challenges and Finding Solution
Having an entrepreneurial mind means you love challenges. Challenges may come in various shape and sizes. A person with an entrepreneurial mindset will be motivated by the situation. They feel inspired and motivated by it, rather than shrink from it. When problem arise, solution needs to be created. If you have think like a problem solver and come up with a unique and innovative solution then you are a worthy entrepreneur. This is a sure sign that a person has quality like a leader.

You Don’t Wait For orders
The entrepreneurs hardly ever follow the rules. They are breaking rules all the time. The rule breaking doesn’t mean they are disrespect the establishment. It simply means they do not wait for the permission. They are likely to make an executive decision and act on the opportunity and apologize later than not act at all. Waiting for permission is wasting time and sometimes it may cost an opportunity. If you always think of the opportunity first then you have the mindset of a successful entrepreneur.

Being Resourceful
Great entrepreneurs never whine about the limited resources. They either create new resources or make do with the available ones. This is one of the greatest qualities of an entrepreneur. If you have the ability to work on even small resources, you have the quality of entrepreneur or have the similar mindset. This quality can be useful in a variety of settings and not just in your job.

You Believe in Taking Risks
Taking risk is part of being an entrepreneur. Without risk you cannot explore the different opportunities. Taking risks liberates you and you become more fearless. It is essential that you have a mindset that doesn’t stop you from taking risks and investing in ideas that may seem too risky or absurd to others. Being confident in yourself when others doubt you is one of the key qualities of an entrepreneur.

You are Very Comfortable With Change
In today’s dynamic environment change is inevitable. Whether it’s the changing trends or change in command chain, you are very comfortable with it. Sometimes you may need to take a step back and let other take the lead. Are you comfortable with the situation? Are you willing to set aside your ego and let the change, no matter how it affects your position take the centre stage? If yes then you have entrepreneurial mind.

Feel like an Outsider
Great minds are never in peace with the other minds. There is always conflict and they feel like an outsider. The same goes for the entrepreneurs. They work and think differently than the crowd, which makes them feel like an outsider. If you have the similar kind of feelings then you could have a mind of an entrepreneur. If you had always felt like you don’t belong don’t panic, it may be the entrepreneur mindset that is beckoning you to greater things.


Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy and having a mindset like them is an asset for any company. These are some of the qualities of the great entrepreneurs. If you can identify with them then you have their mindset.