PMP certification, or the Project Management Professional Certification, is a globally recognised certification that evaluates a candidate’s ability to manage projects, processes, and business operations on priority. According to the project management institute, there are more than one million PMP certification holders around the globe. The PMP certification applies to project managers in various sectors, including construction, Information technology (IT), health, and business.

Earning a PMP certification can be instrumental in helping you to climb the career ladder by benefiting your career in many ways. It can efficiently increase your salary and improve your project management skills to make you better at handling projects of all sizes. There are many advantages to getting PMP certified. In this article, we’ve listed some of the benefits of a PMP under your belt that can help you navigate your decision.

Acquire new and in-demand skills

Earning a PMP certification is not a cakewalk as it requires rigorous training and a significant amount of course. Throughout the PMP certification course, you will undergo training in five project management processes, including initiating, planning, monitoring, controlling, and final closing. In short, the PMP certification courses emphasise equipping the matriculant with the end-to-end knowledge of implementing a project for better project execution.

Industry Recognition

The PMP certification can demonstrate your skills and knowledge in managing a project. Potential employers can assess a candidate’s potential in managing a project as they have undergone the training and experience required for the project management professional. Earning the PMP certification requires time to prepare, getting specialised training from an authorised source, and having the discipline to complete practice exams and study sessions. The benefits of having a PMP certification include displaying project management skills and knowledge that are immersed in earning a passing score on the exam.

Career growth

The PMP courses are internationally accredited and recognised by the entire global business community. Moreover, leading multinational companies and tech giants look for PMP-certified project managers for their skills and knowledge acquired during the certification.

Increases your earning potential

PMP-certified project managers can earn more than their non-certified counterparts. To put that in perspective, PMP-certified project managers earn 25% more than non-certified ones.

A professional can use it in any field

As businesses and organisations across the globe have recognised the value of project managers, project managers have become the most sought-after professional in most companies. However, employers are actively looking for professionals with PMP certification to ensure that their projects are implemented with excellence.

Some leading sectors hiring PMP-certified professionals include banking, medicine, information and technology, oil and gas, insurance, manufacturing, construction, etc.

Enhances skills of project managers in handling more complex projects

PMP certifications are meant to improve project management skills. Acquiring a PMP certification involves rigorous training and requires a great deal of hard work to pass the exam. However, students drastically expand their project management knowledge level after the course and training. It can also open up opportunities for new learnings and skills that can sharpen project management skills.

These are some of the benefits of earning a PMP certification. If you wish to climb the corporate ladder and manage a big and complex project, earning a PMP certification can be worth your hard work and investment.