Saving is the foundation of financial education. Working on yourself habit will allow you to achieve your goals and be free and economically independent in the future.

Learning to use money goes beyond saving. That is why financial education is composed of an extensive framework of possibilities that allows the execution of actions for the benefit of different sectors of the population, associated with their needs and conditions. In fact, banks consider financial education as a central element of the financial consumer protection regime, as well as an engine for the economic and social development of the country.

For this reason, several entities have developed their own programs for the proper management of personal and family finances, as well as for the establishment of relationships with the financial system. These are not only focused on their customers, but on the general population.And is that financial education in the national territory seems to be the ‘Achilles heel’ because to date has not been given greater relevance to this knowledge that can completely change the lives of citizens. Having this kind of concepts clear involves acquiring tools to understand not only the risks, but also the opportunities derived from products related to finance, and informed and responsible financial decisions. Due to lack of information and ignorance of the financial system, people make decisions that end up being disadvantageous.

The little or no financial education brings serious consequences such as over-indebtedness, inefficiency in the management of personal finances, absence of savings and wrong investments.To address this problem, Asobancaria, the union that brings together banks in Colombia, has developed a financial education program that seeks to raise awareness among the population about the importance of educating themselves in this area. “Know more, be more” is the name of this program that seeks to provide tools to improve the knowledge and habits of people when managing their personal and family finances, and to establish relationships with the financial system.

There are many reasons that define the importance of finance within which I will mention some of the main ones that will help us:

Teach to use Resources Responsibly:

Means the commitment to take responsibility and discipline to learn to give the right use to the money that is counted, consciously planning on what we spend. If you commit to making your budget and carry it out as you thought then we will learn to be disciplined and responsible.

When you plan your resources, you set expenditures that you will make and hold, therefore you know that if you spend something outside of the budget, that planning and control that was made from the beginning would be totally lost, here is the importance of the discipline; the opposite would not help the anticipated projection.When you know the resource that is counted to spend and invest, avoid resorting to credits, debts, the goal is to achieve what was projected.

Improve your Income:

It is not good strategy to save without investing; the one who knows about finances seeks to increase their savings, looking for opportunities to invest, since it will give good returns, hoping to improve the income that is received. There are many options to invest finance teach us to know each of these opportunities.Click here for more opportunities to improve.

Achieve the objectives:

When plans are established and goals to be met, finances teach us the strategies of how to achieve success in the management of our money, reaching it depend on us. Nowadays, having a job is one of gratitude, there are many people who do not have that opportunity, you have it, the resource is part of your earned effort, manage it intelligently, the best place to start is in your own home, use your resources responsibly and finally as a result of this learning.

Enjoy the Life:

When you understand the importance of finance in your personal, work, professional and business life you will enjoy and learn to use your money correctly, not with waste and waste of what little or much you have if not responsibly .

Hopefully you can implement the Finance in the management of your money.