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There are many ways in which you can elevate your way of doing business to a next level, such as better marketing campaigns, solid business plans and even fresh new business ideas. However, most of these things are unreliable at best. The only way to be certain that your business efficiency improves is to find a way to invest in your employees. More skilled, better motivated and well-versed teams will certainly bring better ROI. With this in mind, here are five most cost-efficient ways to invest in your employees.

Weekly Recognition

In the past, a lot of businesses heavily relied on the employee of the month practice in order to boost morale and encourage people to get more involved. Unfortunately, in the past few years, it was proven that this particular practice may not have been as good as was formerly believed. Putting one person on a pedestal tends to raise tension in the office and even evoke animosity. On the other hand, a weekly recognition means that you will show your appreciation to everyone (even if it’s the entire office) for any good work they might have done.

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Sometimes, every staff member in your company will give their very best, but the results still won’t be satisfactory. The reason behind this may be the fact that even the most talented individuals don’t necessarily make a great team. Needless to say, in large group projects that can determine the future of your company, having a great team is the absolute paramount. In order to fix this, you might want to consider some teambuilding activities. Sure, going somewhere on a team vacation is great, but often extremely expensive. Luckily, there are some teambuilding activities you can even do in your office like truth or lie, poker tower or egg drop.

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Another way in which you can help out your employees to unlock their full potential is to invest in technology to make their job easier. Purchasing a device, an app or a platform service to take up some of their most repetitive, mundane tasks may allow them to focus on the things that really matter and, in this way, significantly improve the quality of their work.

Make Room for Advancement

Even if the pay at your company is good, if you don’t give your employees some room for advancement, they might feel suffocated. Vertical mobility is the key part to keeping most promising (and most ambitious) employees motivated and eager for work. If this is absent, you shouldn’t be surprised if your best talent leaves you only to work for your competitors. In the modern business world, everyone thinks of themselves first.

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Last, but in no way the least important, you need to think about further professional growth of your employees and provide them with additional seminars that will help them acquire new skills. For example, instead of outsourcing your accounting, you can send your most promising staff members on renowned financial planning courses. In the long-term, this always pays off since it allows you to deal with one of the most important aspects of your business in-house.

As you can see, none of these steps cost you much resources or effort, but to your employees, this can mean a lot. In this way, you will show them just how much you care and this often goes a long way. Today, in a hostile dog-eat-dog world of business, this kind of loyalty can make the delineation between success and failure go in your favor, which is never a small thing. Just show your staff you care about them both as individuals and professionals, and you are both likely to benefit from it.