Custom Challenge Coins

The ROI of any organization is directly proportional to the efforts put by its employees. The more efforts they do, the more high return your business will enjoy.

However, the question is, how can you ensure everybody does more than his capability in an organization?
This is simple – you will need to motivate them. You will have to create an enthusiasm for them to do better than the best for the organization.

How can you do this?

This is again very simple. You will have to create a feeling of competition in your team. You will have to make the office environment competitive.

For this, you can announce awards like the “Employee of the month” or the “best performer of the month.” You can fix a day to organize a meeting to award the best performer.

Everybody loves an appreciation for his work, so if people know they can achieve the award their performances, they can put their best efforts to achieve that.

You can give a small Cheque and a custom challenge coin with the logo of your organization and the tag of the “Employee of the month” or the “best performer of the month.”

Take the initiative of recognizing the efforts of your employees,and you will notice a great change in the environment of your office.

To create a healthy working environment, you can start the award of “the most disciplined guy of the month.”

This award will encourage everybody to change his attitude and become friendly to everyone in the organization, and this will establish a great working environment in the company.

An important thing to mention here is your custom challenge coins will inspire your people to improve themselves that your small Cheque.


That will be a prove of their performance and their disciplined behavior. They will love to wear that on their chest. They will feel proud to show that to their friends and family. Their family members will also love to talk about the awards that they got for performance or disciplined behavior. So, this will help you make your team loyal as well.

If you doubt the success of the idea, then I would say many companies have already introduced this in their organization, and they have noticed a significant increase in their ROI because of this practice. So, keep your doubt at bay, and start thinking seriously about executing this plan. You will notice a great improvement in your return on investment and the work culture of your office.

Amit Sharma is an all-time professional Writer and very honest sincere and up-front blogger. In general, I try to blog up-front and honest, without being argumentative or confrontive. I take care not to offend, but sometimes, I just want to bash intelligence into some brains.