Investment’ has turned to be happening one all over the world. Even though there is a jinx pertaining to Brexit and its aftermath, people are eager to invest in the housing market. Moreover, the political situation is expected to reach a steady pace in March 2019. Whatever form Brexit is going to take, most of its fascinations to the international community do not depend on the EU membership remotely.

Across the UK, a housing cycle is underway, said Richard Donnell, director of housing market analyst Hometrack. On one side, growth is powering ahead in cities such as Manchester and Liverpool. On the contrary, it is flagging or going into reverse in places like Aberdeen and parts of London. There are also other parts of the UK that are yet to witness the ripple effects of formerly stratospheric growth in London and the Southeast. Nearly 5 cities are 50 percent higher in terms of price when compared 10 years ago.

The number of housing transactions has been stagnant at the same level for four years — around 1.2m per year. But in London, where the market slowdown has been particularly witnessed in central or “prime” areas, the turnover is much down by 20 percent over four years. Most of the sellers are coming to terms with the fact that there are fewer buyers on the ground, and today’s house hunters are remarkably making higher demands of vendors.

The UK is known for possessing a talented workforce accompanied by highly flexible labor laws and also a purely accommodative attitude to the industries of dispute. All these when put together make this country the most preferable one to invest in the year 2019. There are also many hotspots considered to be highly viable for investment. The most predominant one being Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, New castle, Slough etc.

Birmingham, Liverpool, and Manchester:

Known to be the top-notch investment destination in the North East these places are often targeted by the property investors as they offer a guaranteed return. They also play a vital part in the economic growth of the country, by and large.


This is also one of the most sought after place for investment. This area has been into renaissance owing to the amalgamation of the Northern Powerhouse initiative and extensive investment in digital infrastructure, and ultimately paving the way to lay hands on multifarious global opportunities. Hence, it has attracted renowned industries such as pharmaceutical, finance, and technology


 Its geographical location contributes to a large extent for Leicester to be at the top of the UK’s economic growth table. Its accessibility to airport symbolizes an easy reach for any European destination within 4 hours without having to go via London Heathrow. It is also digitally sound and is working hard to diversify its economy.

Buying an off-plan home especially in the central London is a great way for investors and also owner-occupiers to make their home in a newly built residence with all the modern comforts set within a historically rich capital city which accompanies with own renowned perks.


Even though high prices and a sluggish market may put many investors off the London housing market, at least for some time, Slough could be very much worth a look owing to the combination of the arrival of Crossrail as well as the forthcoming Heathrow expansion. Both of which are likely to enhance the appeal of people towards Slough. The main reason is that people always search for accommodation which is really affordable and it should be also in a convenient traveling distance of London and beyond. Even, there is also scope for better employment in the future.

Like Slough and other areas, even Norbury has also turned out to be a most sought after area and there are many properties for sale in Norbury. These properties pave way for a better investment in the long run.


It is always better to look at the pros and cons before making an investment in real estate as they always personify long term growth. Hence, it is better to invest by making a thorough study of the market.