Earn Real Money with Online Jobs

We live in an age of the Internet and the online world has managed to slip into the world of professions. Freelance jobs have benefited the most out of this, not only by significantly having their income boosted, but also by adding some new extra professions that didn’t even exist before the popularization of the Internet. Here are some online jobs that actually really pay!


The written word has seen a major boost when it comes to job availability. There are many websites out there, such as iWriter, that offer many unique opportunities for all you wordsmiths out there. If you are able to meet challenging deadlines, you might earn a whole lot in short time frames. The only “problem” with freelance writing is outlined in the fact that you’ll have to be patient and persistent, earning next to nothing in the very beginning, until you level up to a trusted writer status. From that point on, however, you are looking at generous payments.

Web designer

This profession is online-specific; before the mainstream use of the Internet, it naturally didn’t exist. However, if you are looking to get a bit money on the side nowadays, you can get introduced to web design with little or no investment, in a matter of so much as weeks. Of course, if you are looking to really get paid, rather than earning a bit on the side, you could really get into this profession and taking some courses can make you as professional a web designer as web designers get. Instead of being hired for making websites for other people, with an amount of training and investment, you can make your own website and get paid by running it.

Website designer

Often confused with web designer, this profession is similar to the previously mentioned, yet different in some ways. The main difference between the two is this: as a web designer, you need to possess the qualities of a website designer and the ability to run your own website. On the other hand, as a website designer, you specify in creating websites for other people. You could make a buck on the side as a website designer, by coming up with template website designs and selling them to the highest bidder, however, if you want to earn real money, you should consider working by order. Although you may already be somewhat proficient in website design, you will need to get in touch with web design to a certain extent in order to become good enough for people to contact you to make their websites.

Online financial assistant

This online profession is a tad more serious than the previously mentioned. Although a diploma of financial planning is a requirement for this profession, if you are good at planning in general and know your way around money, it can go a long way in providing you some hefty full-time job earnings, without having to commute to work every day, enabling you to work from the comforts of your home.

Online reseller

Although this too can be done as a part-time profession by selling your unused items, you can really get into this profession, dedicating yourself to finding out what people need and finding those that want to sell the required item(s). You are more than a mediator here – you actually specialize in buying what is requested from you and selling at a higher price.

These professions can all be done as part-time jobs, but if you are looking to earn some real money, we suggest that you educate yourself as to how to become more professional in each department. In this way, you may benefit from a full-time job, done in less than an average workday – working hours are great and you are your own boss – something most of us dream of!