Finance Herald in German

Financial trading is all about buying and selling of financial instruments such as shares, Forex or bonds in the expectation of earning a huge profit from the market. Investors always have the intention to buy low and sell high whatever the instrument they have chosen to trade. Selling an instrument for a smaller amount simply refers to an investor’s loss.

Many companies, individuals, and institutions take a deep interest in financial trade to earn profit from buying and selling the financial instrument for a different period. It clearly reflects that the prices of those instruments vary according to time and liquidity. It is a volatile market that brings more opportunities for earning the profit in a short period of time, though included a big risk.

Risk is the main factor to all types of financial trading, regardless of what financial instrument you are looking to trade, who you are or where the trade is taking place, balancing possible profit beside risk is what the actual trading is.

Before stepping into the field of trading, I have read many times about Finance Herald in German in business magazines and the internet. I was quite impressed with their services and payouts that they mentioned in the advertisements. One day while reading an article on binary options trading, I decided to trade online and the next thing which I need was a binary broker. I thought Finance Herald in German could be the right option for my business, as I was impressed with them.

However, before making any final decision, it was important for me to understand their terms and conditions with other procedures. I contacted them and asked for the process; everything that they told me was satisfying my needs. The agent includes that they are offering the best trading software in the market with unique options, advanced and tested strategies, effective tools, etc. I found everything as per my knowledge and created an account with them. When it came to depositing, I started with $300, the software started sending me trading signals and alerts on market trends via email.

During my first trading deal, I made a profit of $800. With more confidence, I made a second trading deal and gained $1200. Now, my account balance has become $2100. I was quite excited and eager to make more trades. When I was going to put third trade, I got a message from Finance Herald in German that there is not enough balance in my account. When I log in my account – I was completely shocked!! There was only $40 in my account. Where the money has gone..?? How they can take my money..?? I called their customer support team and asked for the money. The member asked me to give some time and after examining the account details, he will contact me back. After three hours, I got a text that they have credited $1000 to my account. But, what about the remaining amount. Impatiently, I call them again, but no one picked my call.

Immediately, I withdraw all money and delete the account. After baring a big loss, I won’t suggest Finance Herald in German to any trader. Don’t trade with them… It is a big fraud… Your money will not be secure with them. Anytime, they can cash out your money and won’t give it back.