When thinking about your personal finances, paying your taxes is an obligation that everyone must ensure. Needless to say this is a part which is always neglected and which can result in serious crimes.

From funding the development of public roads to building public infrastructures, and being used for the country’s defense, tax money does many things. This is why the authority is incredibly strict once it involves watching people’s tax reports.

Once you are defendant of evading your tax obligations, the authority will scrutinize the minutest details of your personal life, or worse, take all your money from your checking account as the payment for your tax dues. This is the reason why focusing on your timely tax filing and payment is an integral part of your personal finance management.

Evading tax is a crime

The authority is very harsh in its judgments owing to the belief that every single person who misses a tax payment is purposefully avoiding their obligations. What your attorney has to do now could be to prove that you just did not mean to evade the taxes knowingly. You were just unable to satisfy your tax obligations because of money instability or bankruptcy, emotional instability or being unaware of the law, if the law was freshly amended.

Of course, the authority will gather all the information about you to disprove your claims; however it is also your lawyer’s duty to ensure that no matter what is brought in court, it works in your favor rather than the opposite party’s.

Why you should hire a professional?

If your issues with taxes are already this serious, you need to undoubtedly search around for a decent professional who will defend your case. Most attorneys cannot get their client’s totally free of their penalties; they can only try for the penalties to be decreased. Hiring a professional to handle the proceedings of the audit will defend you from showing emotion in tight situations under pressure.

With a professional taking care of everything for you, everything is settled accurately and rationally. The attorney will believe that you are less guilty of tax evasion than what the authority report says. Apart from that to pay taxes on time, you also need a professional to keep track and file your forms on time to avoid penalties.

Prevention is better than cure

You have to look for the assistance of a tax professional or a comptroller when you feel the situation is getting out of hand. You have to undoubtedly have a professional at your side to assist you with taxes if you own a business, as business tax is totally different from personal taxes. Albeit you may think that you apprehended everything there’s to understand regarding personal taxation, the nuances of business taxes would possibly rattle you.

Also, tax policies carry on dynamically. It’s extremely troublesome for the normal individual to maintain track of those changes. If you hire a tax professional, you can still keep track of all the required updates needed.

Choosing the appropriate professional

Make sure you scour the Internet or the classifieds ads in the newspaper to hire the best. Referrals from friends or colleagues can give you information about the lawyer’s work ethics, their temperament, their rates and therefore the real deal behind his specialties. You can also refer to the testimonials from the lawyer’s websites to get an idea and make sure you are hiring the absolute best.

You may have come across many ads and commercials for tax relief firms. Many tax relief firms boast of their services and make big promises but in reality they are nothing but frauds waiting to pay on desperate and innocent customers. They justify and proclaim themselves to be the best in business but it is on you to identify the right firm that will benefit you. There are many listed popular companies but are not trustworthy. But people generally realize this when they are duped out of their money.

Unfortunately, this business has attracted many frauds that just wait to kill those that are weakened by the threat of tax penalties and problems. Even if you can’t stop these unscrupulous firms from succumbing to their greed, you can arm yourself with the tools necessary to defend against their cheating. It is crucial that you understand the different types of frauds that are trademarks of a fake.

Avoid non-refundable direct payments

The most common fraud that is seen among these firms is to charge direct payments that have absolutely no guarantees and are non-refundable in nature.  While they promise to yield result, they are very unpredictable and very difficult to achieve. That means there is high chance of loss of money and your personal finance management can take a hit. Committing a huge amount without any research and guarantees can be risky. These frauds are not concerned about your money or about your tax problems; they are just bent on making money by preying on you.

Never judge the potential outcomes

There are some aggressive companies that reel in the customers on their tax troubles and take advantage of their compromise settlements. The truth is that only a few taxpayers qualify for a compromise. Most of us don’t know this so the frauds just string us along and make us assume that our problem is being taken care of, when in reality, we didn’t even qualify for the compromise.

There are many factors that are considered by IRS in compromise application like the taxpayer’s ability to pay, income, expenses and plus equity. Choose a relief firm that answers your queries and tells you from the start that a compromise is very difficult to obtain. The company should have your best interests in mind.

Identify the real service providers

There are some fraud companies that boast of their tax relief services, but are nothing but fakes. Such companies just make bi promises and then turn to other companies that provide the actual service. It is very important to stay away from such outright frauds. Often we are led to believe that the company we have hired is doing the entire job but the truth is they have hired other service providers for the job or outsourced freelance contractors.


Some unscrupulous firms register many customers into their program and collect their money without providing adequate services. When there are several complaints or upset customers, they just merely change their name and begin preying on customers in a different place. So, beware, choose the best company and file your taxes on time.