Recruiting Experts

In today’s job market, any company that posts a job opening online is almost guaranteed to get an avalanche of resumes in response. Then the work begins to sort through an individual’s job experience, skills and references to determine which candidates to interview. If you’ve made a typo, highlighted the wrong skills or made one of a hundred different missteps in applying for the job, you may not make the first cut.

Recruiting is Our Business

Beacon Resources is one of the top finance recruitment agencies Orange County employers use to avoid what has become a labor-intensive process to fill a job opening. We use several different tools to meet the needs of job candidates, including the ones noted here.

Recruiting Experts

Our recruiters are expert in matching applicants with firms. They have deep knowledge of the local job market and are highly skilled in recruiting methods. Many of our recruiters have worked in the accounting and finance industry, and they know first-hand what it takes to succeed there.


We have built and nurtured professional, long-term relationships with a great number of financial and accounting firms throughout Orange County and surrounding areas. We value these relationships, and we work hard to fulfill the expectations of both our business clients and job candidates.

Personal Service

Our recruiters provide one-on-one service. We’ll meet with you to learn more about your skills and career goals. We also want to know more about your personality and what makes you tick. Our goal is finding both you and our business clients a perfect fit.

The Right Candidates for the Right Jobs

At Beacon Resources, we excel at placing the right candidates in the right work environment, and we take great pride in doing it. Do you need help transitioning to a new position or finding a first job? Submit your resume today through this online form. Our finance recruiters will get the ball rolling.