Think of a dream home… what comes to your mind? A perfect piece of architecture, situated at the most prime location in the city with lush green surroundings. Ah! This is what you call a dream home.

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make in the lifetime. And because you’re going to spend whole life there, it’s good to go smart when selecting the perfect dream home. It’s the place where you’ll spend some of the most precious moments of your life, be it spending time in the backyard to watching your children learn or the first time you nail your dad’s yummy barbeque! So, making the smart decision is what makes it a great deal.

Don’t be afraid to be picky and hold the out until you find your dream home. Well, how can you tell that you’ve found the perfect place?Try these 9 most important factors for buying your dream home in order to be sure you’re on the right path.


People may list down the countless things that may be considered to find the perfect property option, but are all properties available in your budget? You may feel heart-broken if the best property you found after a lot of time doesn’t fit your budget.

You need to have a look at your budget and share it with the real estate agents. There’s nothing to feel embarrassed if you have a relatively small budget as there is always an option available in your budget. And because these agents are professional, they can give you best advice to get the right property in your budget. If you are going to take a loan, calculate the loan installment and other expenses you need to bear every month.


Where exactly do you want to live? Is it going to be an urban society or a rural area? Do you want a home near the workplace or where you can see greenery around?

When looking for the best property option, keep in mind three points: location, location, location.

Well, I know it’s not going to be as simple as that, but keeping the best-preferred location in mind can help a lot in making right decisions. Answer the above-mentioned questions and you’re ready to look for the best option.

If not able to answer, then remember that the location of property should suit your daily convenience and be equipped for emergencies. Prepare a list of venues that you want close to your house along with the distance of each from the house.


Remember that you are not going to live in a bubble whole life. Your dream home is going to be a part of a large community that you will exist in on daily basis. Hence it’s critical to keep in mind the neighborhood while searching for the dream home.Do you want like-minded people around? Do you want to give yourself peace of a secluded forest or tons of energy from a bustling city center?

Whatever your heart desires, don’t hesitate to do your research before starting your search. Spend some time in the locality, talk to people, go out to eat at local restaurants. This will give you a deeper insight into your neighbors. Once you find areas that you like, let your real estate agent know.

If the project is still under construction and you can’t find neighbors there, check the project videos and launches they host to better understand the kind of residents the builders are targeting. You may also find interested fellow buyers like yourself to chat with on social media platforms.

Area Master Plan

Every time you see a real estate agent, he (or she) will demonstrate you the upcoming residential projects where you’ll soon new malls, office complexes, and multi-specialty hospitals, leading to an upsurge in the property prices there. Well, not all the claims are fake, but there may be too.

So, it would be wise for you to avail for the Area Master Plan from the local authorities and verify the surrounding developments for yourself. It will give you a better insight into the upcoming projects there. Also, it will help you select the neighborhood you want. If you are looking for a peaceful place, then buying a home next to an upcoming mall would not be a wise decision.

The features

A home is not just a compilation of some rooms, balconies, backyard, living room, attached bathrooms, and a kitchen. But, a home is a place where you want to make sure that every family member is able to enjoy the time. Your decision to buying a dream home should be based upon a perfect combination of your budget and your future requirements. For example, if you are planning for 2 kids, then buying a 1BHK is not going to help you in long run.

Also, don’t be afraid to make a sizeable wish list of the features you want in your home. Everyone’s wish list is different. Many people may want to wake up to watch the sunset rise over a lake while others hope for having community fitness center just a few steps away or your kids might want in your family make a wish list of the features that they crave and consider them to have a playing area at a walking distance. Have each person before making the final decision.

Resale Value of Property

Of course, you are not going to sell it for the next 50 years. But you never know what the fate has in its hands. So, look for the property that has a great resale value so you can grab great profits if ever you want to sell it. Resale value of your property depends upon many factors including:

  • The overall project quality
  • Upcoming projects in the neighborhood
  • The way you maintain your home

Consult with professional real estate agents before making the final decision as they know what’s going to be the right price of your property after 10 years.

The Floor Plan

Sometimes you just walk into a flat and are hypnotised with the way it is designed and how smartly space has been used. This is what the architects are the master at. They know how to make the most of each inch at your property. If you are going to buy a builder constructed house or simply want to build your own, don’t let the floor plan take a back seat. The perfect floor plan should:

  • Fit in your lifestyle
  • Requisite number of rooms for your family
  • Be safe for your daily routine
  • Be flexible enough to accommodate any foreseen changes

Additionally, it should allow substantial sunlight to stream in along with proper cross ventilation across the home. It can be verified by yourself or also you can hire the services of an independent architect for expert opinion.

Age of Property

The value of a property solely depends upon its age. And if you are going to buy it for your family, the age is something that does make a difference. The search should depend upon your personal requirements. For example, if you are looking for a modern-designed flat, then go for the latest projects, but if you swoon over the irreplaceable charm offered by old homes, then you may want to look for the old mansions.

Tailor your search keeping in mind your preferences. Remember that the old homes require a bit more care and maintenance may be more than you could expect.

The Space

The last point to consider in the list, but the most important one is the “Space”. You don’t want to take the stress of trying to make the space work for you if you buy a home that is too small for your family. In the same vein, buying a property that is too large will wrack up large costs. Take a look at the current place you are living. How does it feel? Do you want more bedrooms but with a smaller size? Is the kitchen space enough for your wife? Is there enough storage for all of your belongings? Also, you should also consider your plans for the future.

We all wish to have a dream home one day. Well, it is possible with the right amount of research. The above-mentioned factors can help you focus in on the qualities that a property must have to be your perfect fit.