Selling your home is a big step and involves a lot of careful planning and preparation in order for the relocation process to be a smooth one. One very important aspect of putting a home on the market is the overall condition of the property, as you can expect any potential buyer to closely examine the home when viewing. If you have decided, for whatever reason, to relocate, here are some essential things to do prior to putting the house on the market.

Declutter the Home

You might think that this is not important, as any potential buyer is not bothered by stacks of boxes or an untidy interior, yet the opposite is true. People are influenced by the overall cleanliness of a property, so make sure you have had a good tidy up before allowing the home to be viewed. Ask any conveyancing lawyer and they will confirm that the property should be looking its best when people come to view.

Clean the Windows and Doors

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When a buyer is viewing your home, they will pay particular attention to the windows and doors, so make sure you have the windows cleaned before putting the house on the market. It is also a good idea to clean up the frames, especially if they are aluminum or UPVC, as this does make a difference.

Clean Light Switches and Door Handles

Another area that comes under close scrutiny, you should remove the dirt that builds upon light switches, as well as clean all the door handles. Attention to detail will ensure that the property looks its best, which is what you want when trying to sell, and by taking care of the small details as well, you are showing your home in its best light. If you would like some further help with spring cleaning, here is a useful article that offers some excellent advice.

Watch Out for Unpleasant Odours

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An unpleasant smell will certainly put a prospective buyer off, and by investing in a few room air fresheners, you can be sure that the property will always smell fresh and clean. Leaving the windows open for a while prior to a viewing appointment is always a good idea, and with room odors, the occupants are often unable to detect any bad smells, so you might want to ask a friend to drop by and give you their opinion. Replace Any Non-Functional Light Bulbs- The last thing you want is to give the impression that the property is poorly maintained, so take a look at every room in the house, making sure that all lights are working.

Deep Clean the Carpets

This is recommended, as freshly cleaned carpets smell lovely, and when presenting your home for sale, you want to make it as desirable as possible. Old and stale carpets certainly do not give a potential buyer much confidence, and for what it costs, having the carpets deep cleaned is a wise move.

If you take the time and effort to make your home as presentable as possible, it could make all the difference and result in a quick sale.