Full Service Brokerage

In my initial days of trading, somebody had advised me to hire the services of a full-service brokerage firm but I did not, considering its high brokerage fee. Trust me; I regret that decision even today. It was completely my foolishness to think about saving a few pennies by not hiring a full-service brokerage firm. This regret was even more intense when I hired its service a few years down the line and found the worth.

Nonetheless, if you do not wish to regret the same, then just don’t ignore hiring the best full- service brokerage firm. It might cost you a little higher as compared to a discount brokerage but the services they provide are worth the cost.

Offer multiple financial instruments: Unlike discount brokerage, full-service brokerage firm offers a wide range of investment products, including stocks, mutual funds, IPO, real estate, insurance, wealth management, portfolio management service and many others. So, no need to run from pillar to post for investing in different financial instruments. Just hire the service of a full-service brokerage firm and you’re sorted.

Offer online trading facility: Almost all the best full-service brokerage firms are now offering an online trading facility due to which investors can trade at any time and from anywhere without an intervention of a broker. Moreover, their online trading platforms are available on all devices such as desktop/laptop, mobile and tab, which further offer convenience to the investors.

Provide guidance and advice: Full-service brokerage firms do not limit their services to offering various financial instruments but provide personalized advice and guidance to the investors. They carefully evaluate the financial background of each client and offer investment option in accordance with their goals and requirements.

Direct access to the research: Here come the most vital perks which you can enjoy by hiring a full-service brokerage and that is the direct access to the research reports, including fundamental, technical and quant.

Make investment decision on behalf of the investors: There are many investors who like to be completely dependent on the brokerage, even during the time of decision making. Full-service brokerages come to their help and make decisions on their behalf, keeping the requirements in mind.

Help you achieve investment objectives: A representative of the company corresponds with the investors, probes their problems and then offers suitable solutions for helping them to achieve their wealth-building goals.

Access to track your investment performance: With a full-service brokerage firm, you can track your investment performance and take the next step accordingly.

It saves money: On contrary to many people’s belief, a full-service brokerage firm saves your pocket as you do not need to pay any extra bucks for the research reports and analysis. Also, since most of the full-service brokerages offer online trading, they offer paperless transaction which further saves your hard-earned money.

Experience: Full-service brokerage firms are experienced and expert in a wide range of financial solutions and products since they handle various unique portfolios, each with different investment requirement and objective.

Client service counts: Full-service brokerage firms are usually equipped with a skilled and experienced client service team so that the investors get investment advice and solutions around the clock, whenever required.

Research and advisory: Since research is the key pillar of any full-service brokerage firm, you are sure to find an in-house team for research and advisory who is dedicated to provide with the latest research report of the stock market and offer valuable advice based on the investment objectives.

Suitable financial products: You can rest assured to receive suitable financial products and solutions if hired a full-service brokerage house because the latter always keeps your financial status and requirement in mind while offering the solution. If they feel that you require investing in a multi-cap growth fund, then they will offer nothing less than the best multi-cap growth fund.

So, now you must be fully convinced that why you should not ignore hiring a top full-service brokerage firm.

Narnolia Securities Limited is a premium full-service brokerage house that offers a wide range of financial service like trading, portfolio management, mutual funds, NPS and many others. Having a clear objective of creating wealth for the investors and uplifting the overall financial well-being of the country, Narnolia has crafted a reputable name as a wealth management firm.