Wondering How to promote a business? After talking in a recent article about how to find new customers, let’s go back to the topic and see together how to promote your company using some of the best marketing strategies of the moment.

The theme is vast and constantly updated: in order not to go too far, we have discarded the less effective solutions and we have concentrated on foolproof systems to be exploited to your advantage to advertise small or large companies, but also ecommerce, websites, personal projects and everything that falls within the most varied business spheres, from the world of professions to tourism, from construction to the sale of household products. Wondering How to promote a business? Here are the options for you.

Thanks to this guide, everyone will be able to clear their ideas and organize a visibility plan appropriate to their commercial objectives. Let’s start with one of the most successful news: influencer marketing.

  1. Promote Your Company with Influencer Marketing

By now fully entered in the vocabulary of professionals, the expression “influencer marketing” indicates a type of promotion conducted through the involvement of famous people, or at least followed, on social media and the web in general. We think, for example, of young YouTuber with millions of subscribers on their channel, but also of millennial on Instagram or the many well-known names that populate the blogosphere. Real people with a huge audience, which we can access through collaborations, defined from time to time based on target, budget and timing. From the publication of an article on a blog with hundreds of thousands of visits to the sharing of Instagram Stories by several listed figures who turn to our own user base, influencer marketing allows us to reach an immense audience, with the which otherwise we could not interact. Sometimes minimal expenditure, even a few hundred euros,

  1. Promote Your Company with the Funnel System

A second option to advertise and promote your company to make the most of the web is funnel. Here, too, it deals with a recent strategy that is bearing excellent results, provided certain precautions are followed. The funnel is nothing more than an automated email sending system to generate online sales. Like? Here is a practical step-by-step example, imagining that the company corresponds to a tourist agency in a seaside resort:

  • The agency in question creates a free e-book in which the 20 top destinations of the Tyrrhenian coast are listed
  • People come to the site, find the e-book, leave their email and access content in this way
  • From here on the funnel begins: every 2 weeks, people receive an email where the destinations are studied in depth, presented and described in detail
  • The open rate is monitored over time, controlling who opens the emails more often through the sending platform
  • As the funnel proceeds, the manager collects the data and creates a top list with the email addresses of the people who have been most interested
  • A highly personalized offer is sent to these people based on the most clicked destinations

It goes without saying that the conversion rate of a funnel is very high or because the user is gradually motivated to learn more about the product or service, without aggressive actions but with extreme naturalness. It is equally obvious that good content must be created in order to persuade the potential customer and successfully finalize the acquisition process.

  1. Promote Your Company with Content Curation

Blogs and news sections represent two of the best channels for publishing quality content. In this case, the promotion consists in providing the web public with information, advice and articles relating to business issues. Let’s think, for example, of a car accessories ecommerce. By opening a blog, the online store will have the opportunity to explain how to install the roof bars, or how to replace the engine battery, or how to change the air filter. At more advanced levels it is also possible to evaluate the creation of a real magazine, collecting internal contributions from team members.

  1. Promote Your Company via Facebook and Instagram

The promotion of a company does not only pass through websites and blogs, but also and above all through the management of social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. With millions of users active at any time of the day, the two social networks are confirmed as an indispensable marketing opportunity for those who want to promote themselves online without spending an eye. Both the one and the other the visibility can be obtained in two ways: either with a natural profile management or with the setting up of a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign.


In the first scenario we have to roll up our sleeves and produce valuable content day by day, which arouse the right level of engagement involvement. In the second case, the promotion will take place through sponsored advertisements, for which a cost will be charged for each click. The two systems draw strength from each other and must therefore be used in synergy, carefully planning the budget and monitoring the progress of the campaign thanks to the analysis tools provided.