Want to become a millionaire quickly? How to make first million dollars? Experts collected creative ways to make a lot of money online. We have described the best in this article.

Create a frustrating, viral app like Flappy Bird and leave it in the app store for at least 20 days.The creator of the addictive game Flappy Bird said in an interview with The Verge that for a while he made $ 50,000 a day from the small banner at the top of the free game. So in 20 days he would have made $ 1 million with the game.

Sell 714,286 self-published e-books through Kindle.

A few years ago, 29-year-old Amanda Hocking sold about 100,000 e-books per month, earning $ 1.40 per copy. The book was very successful and she certainly sold more than 714,286, the minimum she needed to become a millionaire.

Million-dollar home page

Alex Tew made a home page at the age of 21 and sold advertising space for 1 dollar per pixel. The page had 1 million pixels and its home page was ‘sold out’. He started the website to pay for his studies. In any case, that should no longer be a problem. When you ask how to make first million dollars then these and more are the answers.

Slightly less fast, but no less effective: 10 years of UberX driver in New York

The average UberX driver in New York earns $ 90,000 a year, with the driver working at least 40 hours a week. If he works much more, he can earn some extras. Do 10 this time and you have made a million.

Sell 10,262 business plans on eBay

A few years ago, starting entrepreneur Samuel Katabaaz attempted to sell 99,999 copies of his own business plan through eBay. He asked $ 111 per business plan. After subtracting eBay’s fees, he was left with $ 97.45 per plan. With the proceeds he wanted to finance his own start-up. Unfortunately we don’t know what happened to his plan, but we wonder if this is the most effective way to become a millionaire.

“In a free market economy, anyone can make as much money as he or she wants,” said millionaire Steve Siebold, who conducted a study of the 1,200 richest people in the world.

Focus on making money

In the current economic climate, you can’t save until you’re a millionaire, said Grant Cardone, who was in debt at age 21 and a millionaire at age 30. Step one is to focus on increasing your income in steps. You then repeat that. He started with $ 3,000 a month, nine years later he made $ 20,000 a month. Keep an eye on your money flows, you will be forced to monitor your income and see opportunities.

Making more money is of course easier said than done, but most people do have a number of options. Also read these entrepreneur tips from an entrepreneur who makes $ 170,000 a month, or check out 50 Ways to Make More Money, Some High- Earning Side Jobs, or Passive Earning Methods.

Provide multiple sources of income

One way to make more money is to increase the number of income sources. Author Thomas C. Corley discovered during his five-year study of self-made millionaires that many of them have multiple sources of income: 65 percent of them had three sources of income, 45 percent had four, 29 percent had five or more. This concerns, for example, real estate that is rented out, shares or co-ownership of a company. Three sources of income seem to be the magical frontier for the millionaires I researched, but the more money flows you can manage the better, he writes.

Save to invest, not to save

Never use these accounts for anything, even for emergencies. This forces you to continue to follow step 1 increasing your income. I am still completely broke at least twice a year because I put my surpluses in investments that I cannot reach, writes Cardone.

Investing is not as complicated or intimidating as we think it is. The main thing is to work with automatic transfers. That way you don’t even see the money you invest and you learn to live without it.

Don’t be a show-off

“I didn’t buy my first expensive watch or car until my companies generated solid revenue streams,” Cardone writes. I was still driving a mid-sized car when I passed the one million dollar mark in my bank account. Make sure you are known for your work attitude, not the beautiful things you have bought.

Change your thinking about money

Getting rich starts with the way you think about making money. Ultimately, the trick is always the same: your thinking pattern. While most people believe that getting rich is beyond their own control, rich people know that making money comes from within.

Invest in yourself

The safest investment I’ve ever made is my own future,” writes Tucker Hughes, a millionaire at the age of 22. Many successful and wealthy people today are avid book readers. Take Warren Buffett, for example, who estimates he reads about 80 percent of his workday.

Visualize achieving your goals

Money doesn’t just appear, you have to work for it. Rich people choose to commit themselves to making money. It requires focus, guts, knowledge and a lot of effort, stresses millionaire. According to him, it is possible if you have a clear goal and a clear vision:

Find people you admire

Multiple smart and creative people together are many times more powerful than just one. In addition, people will resemble the people they interact with. That is why rich people often associate with other rich people.


In most cases, your net worth equals that of your closest friends. When you are exposed to people who are more successful than you, it often means that your thinking is broadened and your income skyrockets. Millionaires simply think differently about money than the middle class, and there is a lot to learn from them.