Currently there are two useful ways by which you can communicate with visitors via your website and these are live chat and chatbot. The chatbots work on automated mechanisms and live chat is basically human powered. What will you choose among these? Will you choose one or both? Now I will describe live chat vs chatbot. With this you can identify the technological differences between the two. For helping you decide which among these is right for your business, I will show you the advantages of both of these.


If you want to communicate with customers in real-time with the help of a website then you can do this by allowing some agents to perform live chat.

It is human powered – Basically a human communicates with another human in the live chat. Here it is possible to give real human contact to customers by giving them a service that is more personalized. In this way a memorable and enjoyable experience of your business can be given to customers. For resolving the queries that are complicated or intricate, the live chat can help you a lot. Also, for accurately answering a customer query, the human agents can serve the purpose.

It escalates to voice or video very easily – Live chat raises the level of communication to easy and quick sessions of co-browsing, video or voice. So, we can say that it offers a flawless customer experience across a number of channels. One more advantage of live chat is that without waiting in a queue the customers can communicate with the agents. Now, since the same agent manages the query, there is no requirement to repeat the conversation from the start. It can have a great impact on the customer experience’s overall quality.

Quick responses – It is possible to provide helpful, considered and fast responses to customers with the help of live chat so that they can rapidly progress to the higher level of marketing/sales funnel. By giving canned responses to those queries and questions that are common the agents can increase the speed of communication.


For answering the questions on a site, we can use automated systems known as chatbots. Chatbots are of various types. For giving response to queries, some bots use artificial intelligence. However, the maximum number of bots work on the basis of decision trees and hence are restricted to answer the questions that are common, specific and simple. These bots offer a number of benefits which are:

These are available for 24/7 – There is no need for centre agents for the chatbots. So, they can perform for the week’s seven days and also for each day’s 24 hours. It doesn’t matter whether it is a weekend or the evening, the bots can answer the questions of the customers any time. By answering the queries immediately, the bots can help the customers a lot. But you will be surprised to know that bots can answer only those questions of the customers that are common and simple. They do not provide any further support to the customers.

Multitasking and immediate responses – With the programmed responses, the bots can immediately answer the queries of the customers. As compared to the humans they are much faster. For checking the spellings, typing and thinking they don’t need time. The bots also have a multitasking feature which means that they can handle a lot of customer queries at a time.
Low price – Because of the less requirement of manpower, managing the bots is comparatively cheaper.

Which is better among chatbots and live chat?

Your website, contact centre and organization can get a large number of benefits because of the chat solutions offered by both live chat as well as chatbots. It is possible to provide fast response, reduce costs, increase conversions and leads, and improve user experience by using both. Both offer a number of advantages. But if you have to pick one, then what will be your choice? Instead of going with anyone of these, it will be better to go with a hybrid approach. For answering the FAQs, the chatbots can serve the purpose but there are certain questions that bots can’t answer and for this purpose allow a live agent for answering these questions.

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