Personal finance is an essential area of knowledge for everyone. After all, in their lifetime every single person will be looking at saving, managing a budget, working towards a raise, paying off debt, investing and applying for a mortgage. The reality though is that few people know definitively where to start whether that’s due to a lack of education, feeling overwhelmed, or, as frequently happens, they just don’t feel comfortable talking about money. In fact, one study from Wells Fargo, reported that almost half of surveyed Americans ‒ 44% ‒ “see personal finance as the most challenging topic to discuss with others, more so than subjects like death, politics, and religion”. This is a high number yet a normalized discomfort around talking around money can make it hard for many of us to seek out information, clarify understanding and even take control of our financial circumstances which ultimately can have seriously detrimental impacts on someone’s life.

What can we do to get educated and have a better understanding of all forms of money?

One area of financial education that’s seemingly booming is podcasting with shows of all kinds covering business talks, entrepreneurialism, money lessons, investing explainers and much, much more launching onto the airwaves. Podcasting as a medium is incredibly accessible and with over 1.75 million shows broadcasting, there’s a show for everyone. In the finance niche, the boom in shows that debunk cryptocurrencies, broach student loan repayments, and address financial independence as well as a myriad of other spinoff topics is only just beginning. The ability to listen confidentially and learn at their own pace are both key reasons for why subscribers to these personal finance shows are so engaged and spreading the word about this gateway to having meaningful money conversations.

Get started with personal finance podcasts

To help with finding the right show and embark on this financial journey, All Finance Tax shared this infographic compiling 10 of the best finance podcasts for 2021. See the full list in the guide below and enjoy the auditory education!