Top 4 Services That Are Provided By Public Accounting Firms

Certified Public Accountants are tactical thinkers who are unconventional and are respected for their integrity and commitment towards their work. They are dedicated to each client, and they work day and night tirelessly to satisfy their financial and business needs. Certified Public  Accounting firms provide some unique and valuable services to government agencies, nonprofit organizations(NGO’s), business owners, and average consumers. They offer a variety of services, and their services vary from helping an individual to come up with a personal financial plan to all the way to assist business owners. They work alongside them to workout financial statement analysis,  understanding financial transactions, and other things like tax planning. If you were surfing the internet for these reasons,luckily, you landed on the right page. This article will guide you through the top 4 services that are provided by public accounting firms. Let’s dig ino the services below. 


Auditing services are known as the highest level of available CPA services. According to layman’s terms, the Audit’s purpose is to independently verify by a proper discussion with management, by confirmation, or by ascertaining by sight. Many internal controls assessments are carried along with analytical procedures to make sure that a company’s financial reports are correct. Audited financial statements will also focus on the notice of changes in financial referenced footnotes. It will cover the companies’ specific financial data, policies, and accounting methods. However, it should be noted that Audits by the type of work performed are comparatively more expensive than any other services available.


A review mainly comprises assessing the company’s records and books by performingspecific analytical procedures and analytical tests carried out. This is primarily a comparison to the previous books and journals, and the calculations related to the ratios and financial tests are carried out. The reviews are intended to provide reasonable assurance to the outside reviewer as compared to a detailed verification done by an audit. Thoughts are constructive as sometimes they are required by the insurance companies or banks issuing performance bonds.


Compilations are the lowest level of attestation services as far as Certified Public Accounting firms are concerned. A compendium is nothing but just a collection of records and books of a client done by a CPA. It is a compilation without independent verification, confirmation, or substantive procedures of the client’s balance. That being said, collections represent the company’s management as no verification on the balance sheet, or the profit and loss statement is required. However, management also provided a chance to exclude changes and related footnotes from compiled statements.

Tax Services

The tax laws keep changing nowadays, and the complex financial and investment decisions have encouraged every business and individual to seek help from CPA. CPA is excellent, as it offers tax planning strategies that help minimize future and current tax liabilities. They also help to prepare local, state, and federal returns. They help their clients to deal with tax laws and regulations.