The burden could be of anything, it may be of depositing educational fees, conveyance charges, maintenance charges, marriage expenses, and bills of shopping various food items and luxury lifestyle, but the central part is how to overcome these debts.

There can be many ways to repay debts. Some of the readers might be already familiar to them, but yet no initiatives have been taken. Some might be unfamiliar to those aspects and willing to know what can be best for them.

Through this blog, I shall be trying to pull out the people from living concerns under the suppression of debts.

I will bring them in light with the idea of behaving a personal opinion with the bright ideas of getting rid of debt traps.

At last, we shall be discussing the idea of taking financial help if you are sued with CCJ type of forces.

Ideas from a real-life incident

We can get the idea of loan repayment with a real-life case study. I live in a society where we have the members almost around my age, and very few senior-aged people live there. I usually on a morning walk with my neighbours.

A close neighbour, just living two floors above, frequently asked me about his debt life. He exclaimed that he is trapped in the debt trap and already seeks financial help from private lenders charging more and more interest. To repay a particular loan, I get to take a loan from another.

His whole life has engulfed within the approach of beguiled conformity, and there is no way he is looking around to escape the situation. I got through the words he was expelling throughout the walk. He has three kids. The senior one is in college, and the two others are in school.

He even lives with his parents and due to old age and must take responsibility on his own.  They also need sometimes medical facilities at home, and now he has a fear of even untouched from the full-day meal.

Though he earns a handsome amount, he has taken a home loan, car loan, and some loan for his part-time business. The business is not getting much response from the customers, and now it has become a full liability in his life. This kind of problem we can generally see in every family.

Getting the point

I asked him a simple question in what sense, he looks at his own conditions. He replied calmly that he has to repay the instalments at every cost. But he had no idea what can be the right solution to this whole scenario. And the immediate solution was still hiding under the bed.

I started making him clear with the modes of expressions and validating the experiences of mine. I acclaimed him with the modesties he needs to show in his life to make profound decisions to make it easy and reliable. All he needs to play with his income and expenditures.

The first thing he should be cleared with is reconciling and full control over the things that can be easily manipulated according to his wishes.

The things he can influence to have in his life or simply draw it from his life. So, he can go wither with direct controls, or he can influence.

The direct control is in his hands just to control his expenses. The things that are going out of hands are with no efforts can be easily manipulated and confined with some attributions.

I suggested to him about the easy goings with loans offered by direct lenders.

Are you seeking financial support? Here what you can get!

When you find yourself stuck in loan repayment issues and the lender sues you in county court then there are CCJ loans, offered by direct lenders in the UK.

Not only in this case, but you may also really apply for loans at every time of need.


You can be debt-free entirely if you go with the experts’ common suggestions and come out with the formula of extending income sources and enforcing the control on making expenses.

In this way, you can save much, and the saved money can be vested as instalments to get rid of debts.

The consolidation of income and expenses should be treated in the well-behaved form under the consideration of making savings.