As Dailymailreports, in a recent Reddit thread, thousands of anonymous airline and airport employees have revealed some of the most shocking and entertaining secrets about their profession. Did you know that the headsets offered to you by the airline are not brand new, despite being wrapped up? One user reveals that they are merely cleaned and re-packaged. Another user advised everyone to skip out on the coffee, because the containers are not cleaned regularly. In addition, if you are a frequent traveler, you should note that the cheapest time to buy a plane ticket is Thursday afternoon, and the cheapest time to fly is Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.

If you have “itchy feet”, chances are that the expenses are your number one concern. Yes, there is such a thing as economical traveling, however, after adding up the traveling rates, daily costs and lodging; even the low cost trips will have a great impact on your bank account. So, what are the things you have to do to keep up with your traveling spirit and be cost-effective? Well, here are some of the ways you can satisfy your “itch” on a limited budget without skipping on your rent:

Specify your travel goals

Even if you are ready to depart on the next available flight, try to focus that excitement into one travel goal at a time. This does not mean that you should restrict yourself from dreaming about multiple traveling goals, but it will help you plan the best direct path to your goal without diverting your money or attention elsewhere. Unless you have a flexible work schedule, your best bet in budget travel is to choose one travel goal and stick to it. So don’t plan on visiting Thailand, plan on visiting one particular region, focus on one place, or more, but maintain your focus at all cost.

Calculate your travel expenses

Once you set your goal, you have to consider the complete costs of your trip. Therefore, consider all your expenses because a trip is made up of much more than just an airfare. Calculating each specific expense can give you the most honest estimation of what is within your means. There are plenty of travel budget calculators available on the internet to help you compile the costs. In addition, if you are looking for good early bird deals and fixed exchange rates you should consider using Travel Pay.

Timeline your trip

Ever noticed how some people make the toughest trips seem like a casual walk in the park? Nine out of ten times, these folks time lined their journey before they even started packing. The timeline of your trip can be the deciding factor in your budget, in what you need to pack and how to choose the best method for managing your financial goals. If you have problems making a perfect itinerary, there are plenty of mobile apps and websites that allow travelers to build great trip timelines and share them with their loved ones and their closest friends.

Most of the people have limited vacation time and resources. This is why the great majority of us plan our trips months in advance. My final recommendation for restless adventures would be to check out locations closer to your place of residence. Establish a schedule and have a few thrilling trips and sightseeing walks between your big trips. And when you are traveling big, make the best of it. On a reasonable way.