Unique Business Ideas

The world has gone digital – we’re living in an age where people have become comfortably dependent on the World Wide Web. It seems like the trend today is the idea of convenience – giving consumers what they want, when they want it. The number of small businesses being set up continues to grow on a steady upward pace.

Because of the exceedingly diverse variety of business ideas that are out in the market today, coming up with something unique is quite challenging. You think you have this awesome idea, but it turns out, it’s already been thought out by somebody else. The key is identifying a service you want to offer to the market, something that you know will be your niche. Think about what type of business you ‘really’ want to do. That way, you don’t need to forcibly do things because you’re obliged to.

We’ve listed 7 unique business ideas that will get you going for the remaining half of 2017. Check out our list to see which one fits your profile.

1. Animal companion app.

The general idea is finding people a companion. In this case, it’s not human. You can create an app that lets people adopt a pet cat (since a lot of people love cats). Leave them with options that like what type of cat they want, including fur color, breed, age, etc. If a customer decides to adopt, you can meet them up to give them their new friend.

2. Hacks.

Hacks are intended to make your life easier, whatever task you’re doing. If you have certain useful expertise that you can teach or share, you can try turning this into a business venture. If you’re a polyglot, you can give your followers tips on how to learn a certain language faster. The key is having ample knowledge about what you’re doing because people will know if you’re a fluke.

3. Classy johns.

Portable toilets are not really new since we see them everywhere during outdoor events. The main problem with this is that they get pretty gross after a couple of uses. Set yourself apart by offering classy johns that are clean and great smelling, precisely what people need when they go to the toilet.

4. Personality Training.

Since a lot of people admittedly have a hard time building self-confidence, you can go into that genre. You can start by teaching the basics: communication and socialization skills, because these fields are where most people struggle on. To keep yourself updated, you always need to be on the loop with what’s hot and trending by acquiring new abilities.

5. Packed items for solo travelers.

If you shop your items solo, you understand how things can sometimes get really exhausting. You need to buy one of everything, making sure you don’t forget the essentials. If you had the option to just get everything in one shot, you’d take it, right? You can do a business that offers service concentrated on solo packaged products. From toiletries to food, your possibilities are endless.

6. Office space for sharing.

Because technology permits people to work remotely nowadays, you can actually lease or rent your space to workers on a ‘shared usage’ basis. There are some remote employees who prefer to work outside their houses who would be more than happy to take advantage of your offer.

7. Learning ‘chunks’.

By letting customers choose what topic they want to study and when they want to do it, you’re offering flexibility. Say a neophyte wants to learn using online accounting software; he’ll be able to do it after a few helpful tutorials from your website.