Why is investing in US market stocks your best bet?

Introduction to the stock market:

The US stock market is the world’s leading global financial market. When diversifying one’s portfolio, the US stock market remains one of the top investment choices. It’s a ground for the most prominent investors in the world, generating daily investor wealth.

How to buy US stocks from India?

One can easily invest in the US stock market from India in these two ways:

# Direct investment in the US stock market

One can open an overseas trading account with a domestic or foreign broker and directly invest in the US stock market.

Domestic brokers act as intermediaries and have tie-ups with stock brokers in the US. Another way is opening an overseas trading account directly with a foreign broker in India. The fees for opening an account are required to be understood beforehand.

# Indirect investment in the US stock market

Some indirect investment modes include mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and New-Age Apps. Numerous mutual funds exclusively focus on US stocks. Like domestic investments, one can take an indirect position in US stocks without really investing in them directly.

Benefits of investing in the US stocks

# More stability

The US stock market is more stable, and long-term investments are less volatile than in India. Stock prices in the US fluctuate less, and the money growth tends to remain more steady.

# The dollar value

The US dollar is one of the prominent and strongest currencies worldwide and rarely fluctuates in value. Investing in US dollars is an excellent way to create long-term financial stability.

# Excellent returns

The US stock market consists of some of the biggest companies in the world. Over the years, top global IT companies have produced greater returns. Thus, one can own Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, etc for long term wealth.

# Exposure to new markets

Some of the leading companies are based in the US, and to become a part of such a company’s growth, one will have to invest in US stocks.

# Mark index of the US

To ensure good returns in the US stock market, one can check out the US market indices and combine the benefits of the top companies.


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