Several mobile banking apps on app stores today offer various banking services. The question facing customers remains the same – which one to choose? In a post-UPI (Unified Payments Interface) era where online fund transfers are the norm, the best net bank apps go beyond merely facilitating online transfers. Here are six tips that you can follow to access your savings account better using a mobile banking app.

  1. Choose a technically robust and secure mobile app. 

Do not opt for mobile banking apps that often throw up technical glitches. Customers must prefer apps offering a customer-friendly user interface without technical glitches; for example, IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobile banking app. An effective way to check the technical strength of your app is by checking the time it takes to show you your account balance.

  1. Your mobile app must offer multiple services under one umbrella.

Besides money transfer options such as UPI or NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer), your app must also help you keep a tab on your investments, show you the details of your credit card, and suggest personalised loans. You must prefer an app that offers multiple services over a few specific ones.

  1. Pick a mobile app that offers instant access to customer services.

IDFC FIRST Bank offers superior customer support that provides quick query resolution round-the-clock. IDFC’s mobile banking app complements this service by providing seamless access to customer services at all times. You must choose a bank app that prioritises high-quality customer service.

  1. Your app should facilitate quick online transfers to any recipient. 

“Auto Pay” and “One-Swipe Pay” are IDFC FIRST Bank’s trusted online money transfer modes that help customers make instant payments. Apps that offer such additional online transfer modes help customers avoid an over-dependence on a single money transfer option.

  1. All banking services should be easily searchable on the app. 

The “Universal Search” option in IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app makes all banking services easily discoverable on the app. Customers must prioritise features like Universal Search that leverage the latest technology to make all banking services available at any instance. The customer only needs to input a few keywords to find a particular service using the Universal Search feature.  

  1. You should be able to open a new bank account. 

Finally, your banking app must allow you to open a new bank account without any hassles. IDFC FIRST Bank’s customers need not visit a bank branch physically to open a new bank account since they can do it directly through the app. Opening a new bank account online is another new-age feature defining the popularity of various apps, such as IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobile banking app.

To save more using your savings account, you must check whether your bank offers a reduction on savings account service fees. IDFC FIRST Bank’s “Zero Fee Banking” feature helps customers avoid 28 savings account-related fees, including IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, and ATM withdrawal fees.