Two days down for the week and you still have two more to go. You were doing exceptionally well as you managed to close a few more deals from Arca South or some other fancy development on your plate. Suddenly, hump day sets in, and you lost the motivation to get out of bed along the way.

Your mind fast-forwards to the weekend, wanting so badly to go on vacation but still have the urge to push yourself out of bed and go to work. If you are still feeling the funk even if you clocked in the office, here are some ways to fight off the feeling (even if you feel like you can’t).

1. Look for an inspiration
Is there a top performer in the company? Talk to them. Get to know them. Get to know what makes them tick. What makes him work hard? What inspires them? What makes them go over the daily grind?

Though their habits and routine won’t be the exact things that will work for you, you can get an idea of what makes them the best at their job. Aspire to work alongside them instead of replacing them. It’s a healthier and more optimistic way of looking at it.

You can also look for inspiration at other companies, establishments, and industries. They way they do things are sure to be different from how you conduct your day-to-day operations. It will give you a chance to think outside the box and explore different ways of pushing yourself to work harder.

2. Read real estate horror stories
Not ghost hunting and other creepy stuff.
Read the stories of various experiences about house selling fails and unthinkable real estate buyer and seller conduct. You can learn from them so you can avoid committing the same mistakes in the future.

The accounts vary from annoying to ultimately hilarious and one-of-kind. The will make you laugh and cringe as you are well aware these can happen to you. Reading the stories also provides entertainment for hours. However, don’t’ spend all day keeping yourself glued to them. You need to live and make your own unforgettable experience.

3. Attend a personality development course
Better yet, attend any class that makes you a hustler at your job and increases your value.

Being in real estate allows you to interact with different types of people. Whether on the phone, private messages and e-mail, you still get to interact with them. Taking a course on essential conduct helps you learn new ways on how to interact with them. It also helps you pace how you conduct yourself.

Other than how you present yourself or how you get along with other people, you can also take courses relevant to the industry such as topics in Finance, Economics, Marketing, and Interior Design and Interior Design.

4. Wear something cool
Professionals, especially those who meet with clients on a daily basis are required to wear proper clothing. Some companies prefer the formal look – suit with matching tie, closed heels and groomed hair. Others allow the business casual get up. Whatever, company policy you may have, you can always work around it, so your clothing reflects your personality and feelings.

You can wear a different outfit on hump day. If your work requires a matching suit each day, try wearing one in lighter or brighter shade. Women can wear a suit in millennial pink which is a soft and delicate color currently in fashion. The color won’t distract the client or other people in the office. Men can opt to wear a printed top with their neutral coat and matted slacks. The quirky print on the shirt is a statement on its own and makes a tie optional.

A change in appearance brings out a positive vibe from the boost of confidence.

These are simple solutions we tend to forget. Being inspired by a successful figure pushes us to our limits while learning from others’ experiences makes us better at what we do. To maximize learning, it pays to attend and explore avenues we that aren’t in our league. Last but not the least, the easiest way to get out of the slump is through making ourselves feel like a million dollars. Dressing up will make ourselves feel important and place us back in our old selves.